Nokia couples cloud-scale network visibility & analytics for network automation

I attended Nokia’s IP Networks Reimagined event in June, where the company announced new 7750 SR-s IP core routers based on its new FP4 network processor chip, both impressive technical achievements in their own right.

However, what really got my attention is how Nokia is integrating the technology obtained via the Deepfield acquisition to directly couple cloud-scale network visibility with Big Data analytics for security, performance and network automation.

Deepfield’s petabyte-scale Big Data analytics engine provides visibility into tens of thousands of Internet applications and services as well as billions of IP addresses, mapping what it calls the Cloud Genome. The software is currently used by many leading service providers for DDoS protection and traffic engineering.

Nokia designed the FP4 chip so it can look anywhere inside packets for extracting real-time flow telemetry data. This data, along with machine data and network state provided by Nokia’s SR OS router software, then feeds the Deepfield analytics engine, which derives insights that are used to determine the actions taken by Nokia’s NSP software, which is an SDN-based network automation and management platform.

Using real-time network visibility & analytics for deriving actionable intelligence to drive network automation is the industry’s “holy grail”, and Nokia has articulated its vision for how to achieve this goal, so I’m keen to learn more about how these three pieces fit together.

For more information about Deepfield, be sure to tune into Nokia Deepfield DemoFriday at SDnxCentral this Friday, July 14, where Deepfield architect and Nokia GM Dr. Craig Labovitz will demonstrate the product’s capabilities.