Webinar: Apstra and Cumulus Networks Bring Disaggregation, Agility and Lower TCO to Data Center Network Operations

Tomorrow (Wednesday, May 30) I will be moderating this webinar with Apstra and Cumulus Networks:

Apstra and Cumulus Networks Bring Disaggregation, Agility and Lower TCO to Data Center Network Operations

Much has been written about the benefits of network disaggregation, but fully realizing its benefits requires operators to select the right network operating system and software for designing, deploying and operating data center networks.

The ultimate goal is to increase operator agility and reduce operational costs by streamlining and automating operator workflows while providing support for a range of open hardware platforms.

Tune in to learn more from these two thought leaders in intent-based networking and software-defined networking.

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Intent-Based Networking with Apstra AOS®

I recently published a market impact report on Intent-Based Networking With Apstra AOS®. Apstra is an early market leader in intent-based networking, targeting enterprise, service provider and webscaler customers. Here is a summary of the report:

Modern data centers based on hyperscale, leaf-spine switching architectures are growing so large and complex they are outstripping the capacity of operators to engineer, configure and manage these networks using traditional tools and techniques. As a result, data center operators are looking for new ways to automate workflows, maximize uptime and increase operational agility while reducing operating costs.

Forward looking data center operators are turning to intent-based networking (IBN), which employs modern software methods to simplify and streamline data center network operations. IBN systems automatically convert a high-level description of desired network behavior using business-level rules into low-level configuration data that is pushed out and applied to elements in the underlying network infrastructure. IBN also utilizes streaming telemetry and real-time analytics to continuously validate that current network state is consistent with specified intent.

Apstra is a pure play IBN pioneer focused on eliminating the complexities and inefficiencies that plague modern data center operations, delivering log-scale improvements in network operation expense, capital expense, and capacity. Apstra’s flagship product, AOS® is an intent-based, distributed software system for designing, deploying and operating leaf-spine data center networks, with the goal of speeding time to network service delivery, eliminating outages and reducing operating costs.

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